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Kagrra, consists of five talented musicians: Isshi (vocals), Akiya (guitar), Shin (guitar), Nao (bass) and Izumi (drums). The name of the band derives from the japanese word “kagura”, which stands for an ancient Japanese dance connected with the Shinto traditions. Already the name suggests that Kagrra, is strongly connected with the Japanese culture and traditions. The main concept behind the band's style is classical Japanese aesthetics which they cleverly combine with modern Rock music. In the past, their costumes and lyrics were based on particular stages from the cultural history of Japan. Although in the recent years the band has largely dropped the heavy visual style, but the sense of neo japanesque is still present in their music and lyrics.

The band was formed in October 1998 under the name CROW. In 2000 the five guys switched their label to PS Company and changed their name to Kagrra. Once they had their major debut in January 2004, PS Company retitled them to Kagrra, adding a comma to their name.

In June 2000, they performed under the name of Kagrra for the first time, and in the same month recorded the single Kotodama. Their first album Nue, was released in December and, after selling out quite quickly, March witnessed the edition of a second pressing.

Also in that March, Kagrra, performed live in Shibuya and released their second album Sakura. During the summer of 2001 four singles, each tied to the themes of the four seasons, were released - fuyu, aki, natsu and haru. In October the band released their third album, Irodori.

2003 abounded with releases as well: two maxi-singles, mini album, their first live DVD. In December Kagrra performed their last indies gig. On January 1st, 2004 released their first major single, Urei. March 3rd brought their first major album Miyako as well as a concert with the title "~Inishie no tobira ga ima...~". They closed out their year by playing with their label-mates for PS Company's Peace & Smile Carnival tour.

In the year 2006 Kagrra,'s Chikai no Tsuki was featured as an opening for the TV series Kinnikuman II Yo Ultimate Muscle 2. That summer they went on another tour, and before the year ended, they released another DVD, a maxi-single, and a photo book.

They kicked off 2007 by releasing a new album, Shizuku, in February. The same year Kagrra, had their first live in the States and the J-Rock Revolution Festival in Los Angeles in May.

End of December Kagrra, performed at the J-Rock Invasion in Cologne and released their brand new album Core in January 9th in Japan and February 22nd in Europe. In August 2008 the five guys enthralled the Fans by their fantastic OneMan-Tour through Europe!

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